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Artist Statement

The difference between how emotions are felt inwardly and expressed outwardly is the root of any person or character. How someone thinks and feels dictates the ways they behave. I hope to express real emotion through the work I make. As an interdisciplinary artist I work across animation, illustration, and printmaking, working with figures and characters throughout each medium. 

For much of my work I begin by focusing on a specific feeling. In some cases, like “Soak,” my goal is to build an emotional tone as the piece progresses while in others I focus on a single emotion or moment. I strive to create intimate moments that resonate with myself and viewers in an honest, true to life manner. Everything I make comes from parsing my own feelings. How can I convey specific emotions I experience through other characters and scenes, and how would they express those emotions differently than I would? 


Through the animation projects I have done for school, I’ve experimented with 2D animation as a medium and begun to incorporate my artistic goals into this work. Through my work in comics, I draw from my own memories and experiences, translating them into something new panel by panel. I love interpreting non-visual forms of art into something new and personal, like my comic "Tommy's Party" based on a song by Peach Pit of the same name. Throughout my work in animation and comics, my ideation comes from reflecting on my own experiences and emotions and seeing my interests reflected back at me in diverse ways across art forms.

Thumbnails for the comic Tommy's Party
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